Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There is no dignity

Boot Camp - kicked my butt last night. Running hills - sounds simple enough. When you look at that hill from the football field, it doesn't look THAT bad. Then you walk DOWN to the starting location and look up to the cone that is to be the "top" of the hill - where you will do a series of ab or leg workouts at each hill crest before jogging back down the hill.

I had my babies naturally. I had both of them with no epidural (actually no pain meds). The drill instructor (her name is Kayla) tells us we will do this for 45 minutes. Recalling my girls' birth experiences - I feel like I can do anything for 45 minutes. We jog to the start - we run to the top - we do 30 squats - we jog back down. (less than three minutes) - We jog to the start we run to the top - we do 30 flutter kicks - we jog back down (less than 6 minutes) - this is where I uttered a string of 4 letter words the first beginning with F*(^. Because I am now seriously thinking that I might die before 45 minutes pass.

25 women - various ages - various athletic abilities - various fitness levels - encouraged each other to face the demons of hell and endure this punishment. I did not die - I finished - yes there were moments of walking just to survive - but the feeling of finishing it went a long way. The last 15 minutes were ab workouts and stretching - I left with a sense of accomplishment - then I lost all dignity as I pulled off on the side of the road home and puked - in public - its a small town and there is mostly only one road home - so lots of people in those passing cars know me.

Get home and the College Girl is working on this picture frame. (pretty isn't it ) Cheap dollar store frame and more paper scraps from Beth. It is a gift for a friend of hers.

I drag my sweaty, trembling body into the house. Collapse into my chair. College Girl looks up and sees what kind of state I am in and calmly says.

"Most fat people don't start with boot camp."

Thank you my firstborn - when I muster the muscle control to actually swing my arm, I may smack you.

Going back tonight for a weightroom workout.

Stupidity - or determination -- let's discuss.

Have a great day.


Carrie said...

good grief woman! Please be careful and don't over do it. Too much too fast can really make you ill. I don't know how you are even managing to move.

ellen said...

I will repeat what Carrie has said!
My, God..this sounds like the Boot Camp From Hell.

Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

Congratulations on your first day of boot camp!! I totally admire you for *Starting* with it! Besides getting in shape, you just might motivate us all to exercise :)

Karen at Junking in Georgia 2009 said...

..OY! I hope some one there knows how to avoid heat stroke.. and knows what to do if some one falls over .. as in CPR,etc. ... the heat is nothing to ignore.. I had heat stroke once it was God awful.. passed out and was sick for three days so be careful and I do so admire you for doing it.. as for the CG's comment.. well, welcome to my world I get old and fat comments nice isn't it?

i am very mary said...

I almost puked just reading about it.