Monday, June 29, 2009

Sorry about disappearing

Lannae asked yesterday about me. We had serious computer issues at work and most of my blogging takes place from there. We were completely without computer service of any kind for two days. Then once we got everything back up, there was the catching up to accomplish. But we are back in operation today --YES.

Saturday found me at a craft show in Hartwell, GA. I was mostly disappointed. Out of the 156 booths only about 10 had true handcrafted wares. Another 10 were food. The rest were cheap knock off purses and cheap imported junk like plastic toys, sunglasses, hats and such.

This make me feel like juried shows are absolutely the way to shop.

Anyway - the few days of no computer have not been without MaggieGrace goodness. I am building inventory for the art show in November.

Soldered charms. The red bird features hand marbled paper (a giftie from Beth) and vintage hymnal scraps.
More of the charms - the "praise butterfly" is the back of the red bird. The grey that the butterfly is punched from is more handmade paper. The bluebird is my favorite of these. The lace one will have a button charm added to it - that is vintage lace that I picked up somewhere

I did something last night that had never happened - I broke one of these charms. I am making one for a friend of the College Girl and it broke when I was soldering it. It was late and I was tired and irritable yesterday, so I unplugged everything and just went to bed.

I have my list of inventory pared down for my booth - and I am working away at it. It is so difficult to crochet scarves and blankets when it is 90+ in the shade and 70+ % humidity. But that's where I'll focus tonight. I bought a gorgeous pale green yarn at the yarn shop Saturday for a scarf. I also need to punch some tags for pendant charms.

I do hope this post finds all of you enjoying your day.

See you tomorrow.


barbara burkard said...

very beautiful charms!!! thanks for stopping by with the baby powder comment...(he smells sooo good now...hee hee)...i hate it when i go to an "art" show and everything is sooo commercial...juried shows FOR SURE!!!


Karen at Junking in Georgia 2009 said...

you do have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince... this is the comment my friend and I make about junking.. and it is true of lots of other things as well.. craft fairs, sales, etc. ... there is a whole of crap everywhere.. your things are looking good for Nov. pay extra attention to how you price them.. if they are priced right people will snap them up for the holdiays... I think sometimes people think too highly of their wares and end up going home with them...I would rather make a smaller amount on each item and sell more of them than price them to sit on the table good luck

BellaRosa said...

Hello :) I just wanted to thank you for visiting my new blog, my modem broke and we just got a new one on Monday, so this was the first that I got to see of it. But I am so glad that I did! I love your blog and the beautiful charms that you create. I hope to one day be able to soder sp? That is one of my wishes for this year! Wish you lived near by, I would love you to teach me :) I will be back many times...Rose

BellaRosa said...

Hi Theresa, just one more thing, I really loved your comment on your profile "closing in on calling myself an artist." That is exactly how I feel about myself :) Would you mind if I borrowed that one day :)Rose

Tipper said...

Love love the charms. Wishing you good luck with the boot camp thing. I like your 'we'll see' inspiration.