Wednesday, January 06, 2010


No it is not what it sounds like. Well maybe it is.

We never planned for two children. I almost died having the College Girl and the doctors thought the problem would get worse with subsequent children. So we did not plan for the Softball Princess to join us. God has a wonderful sense of humour and we have the best surprise ever. Anyway......

College Girl was a toddler when we bought our house. Two bedrooms - no need for any more - wrong. Softball Princess came along and we packed her right into College Girl's room. There they have remained.

Don't feel sorry for either of them. They are happy and quite well adjusted. This old house has huge rooms. This shared space has two double beds, two closets, to chest of drawers, a desk and an entertainment center with room to spare. They get along great and readily share things. It was even traumatic when College Girl left Softball Princess alone to go off to college.

College dorm life -- roommate - sharing a bathroom with 3 other girls. Oh - and a lot less space and compatiblity between these girls. College Girl adjusted to the dorm life wonderfully - she just kept toilet paper in a basket on their side of the bathroom door because the other side refused to buy toilet paper. Apparently there was some sadistic pleasure in hearing someone scream for paper through the door and screaming back that "they sell it at dollar general."

Well the school has a brand new dorm - New Bedford Hall. For the first time she can remember, College Girl has a room of her own. Excited does not bgin to describe how she feels. Last night, the three of us, College Girl, Her Boy, and li'l ol' me, moved her in.

He moved the bed at least four times - the desk - the chest of drawers - the fridge. All the while, she changed her mind, over and over. Ladies do not laugh (oh what the hell - go ahead) every man has to endure this right of passage. The lady in his life and arranging a room. When I left them to make the WalMart run, he was moving the bed yet again, and they were discussing it adamently. I simply laughed and went on my errand.

We got her all set up. She went with a silver, black, and white decor. We managed to grab a few black and white ornaments in the after Christmas frenzy. I had taken the MaggieGrace tool kit and we hung and primped and shined all the stuff. The room suits her. She is so very very happy. She and Her Boy are still on speaking terms. It was a good night.

She was grateful that her mom brought that tool bag. Not every parent travels with bead wire and crimpbeads - to combine with command hooks and get all the decor done in one evening.

I am already missing her. Does she miss us? Not even. She's all stretched out in her own room singing at the top of her lungs --- ALONE AT LAST.

Have a wonderful day.

PS: add to her excitement. College Girl is going to Spain in the spring. Cool huh?

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