Monday, January 18, 2010

Warning - traumatic pics ahead.

My weekend was spent cleaning and purging and generally puttering around the house and studio. I have this tendency to hoard things I might need, then I have to buy them when I do need them because I can't find them.

I did squeeze in an aerobics class on Saturday morning.

Then I aquainted myself with one of my scrap paper boxes.

All cardstock scraps - these are all cream colored and I saved them from trimming on a past project. I grabbed this box - my Sizzix die cutter and a tag die and proceeded to cut what seemed like thousands of tags of assorted sizes. Many of these will be used as the project tags for my little art day with my friends. But some of the assorted sized blank tags are just good to have around. Plus - that is one box off the crammed shelves in the studio.

We fixed the dog several places around our property with runs and tie out locations. We live in the country and she has started scavenging roadkill and bringing the treasure to mommy on the kitchen porch. So restraint while unattended outside became a requirement. Her favorite place is a 50 foot run between two barns - add the 12 foot clip on leader to that run and she can play to her hearts content. Plus she can get into either barn if there is bad weather.

Now for traumatic pictures. These are update pictures on my weight loss. Last week the doc confirmed 37 pounds lost. I cannot describe how much better I feel. I am eating right, exercising, and generally doing what all the experts tell you to do. It really is the only way.

This picture was taken on the dock at work. Notice the tummy far exceeds the boobs. The pants I have on in that picture are a size 22 and the shirt is a 1x from the "big girl" section of the store. I weighed 220 pounds in this picture.

The picture that triggered the sudden crisis. Taken at the en le jardin art workshop last may. I love this picture - I was having a great time. I was incredibly happy and it shows in my expression. But as happy and joyful as that weekend was, I felt fat and I looked fat. That is because I was fat. I weighed 220 pounds in this picture. at 5'5" tall that is way too heavy.

Taken this morning. The curves at last are going the correct direction and it appears that I actually have boobs. I have also lost at least two chins. The sweater is a plain old size large The skirt is a size 16. Readily available in normal stores - no looking for the big girls stuff. I weigh 183 pounds as of this morning.

I really want to lose another 25 pounds. Many more laps. Many more calories counted. Many more sit ups. But now I know that this is not a diet - this is a way of life. I have changed so many habits and have many more to change. But I am well on the path to making this happen.

Yes it is hard work. Yes I have to think about my choices every time I plan a meal or go eat out. Yes - I falter and stumble on occasion, but then at the opportunity for the next choice, I just make sure I make a better one. I refuse to beat myself up over a bad decision.

There is no magic formula for becoming fit. For so many, myself included, it is years of personal neglect, bad food decisions, lack of exercise, and maybe even some mental and emotional demons. But every time you take control, you are a small step closer to being healthy. Do not cash in on the pills, potions, and propaganda that is the media. Spend your money on good healthy food. Drink lots of detoxifying liquid - this is free - it is called WATER. Spend your money on a good pair of shoes. Maybe even spend your money on an exercise program that fits your lifestyle (and encourages rather than discourages you). That money will be better spent than the latest concotion. No matter what you do - move your body. You will be amazed at what happens.

In all honesty, there are times when that small voice in my head is questioning my sanity (running outside when it is 28 degrees is one of those times). Sometimes that voice even sounds like a teenager (why are you asking me to do this??????) But I just tell that voice to shut the hell up and I keep going.

I am on my way folks.

Have a wonderful day.

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