Thursday, January 07, 2010

Repurpose - Reuse - Recycle

There is no scarcity of beauty. Madelyn Mulvaney

I was reading - studying - an old Somerset Studio magazine in the tub last night. Yes, I read in the tub. Yes, it's sometimes an issue when the book gets damp. Oh, well. In the back of this issue were some previews of articles in other Stampington publications, and this quote jumped of the page.

We all experience and interpret beauty differently. In my book, that keeps life interesting. I have really worked artistically a lot in the last year. My personal style has become more and more obvious. My color preferences - material preferences - even my studio set up changed as I discovered my art creation personality. I can see all of that evolving by looking through my posts since I started MaggieGraceCreates.

In addition the style in our home reflects each of our idea of beauty and comfort. It is not my home, it is our home and we all contribute to the decor and lifestyle there.

The Man at my Address, me, and the Softball Princess were all in the "big room" last night. I took a wall out before we moved in between the living and dining room making a 17 foot x 35 foot open room of the two. I was crocheting, the Man watching football, and the Softball Princess was doing homework at the dining table. We were all entertaining and loving on the dog. It was an easy - comfy night. I remarked about how HAPPY it felt. I was experiencing one of those BEAUTIFUL LIFE MOMENTS.

This immediately spurred my creativity and I had to MAKE SOMETHING NOW. All of us creative folks understand that urge. So I ran to the studio and gathered up some things. I wanted to work in the house so I could be part of the atmosphere in there.

In about 45 minutes (including gathering and glue drying time) I made two more things for the College Girl's new dorm room. Pretty much instant gratification.

I took a letter that she already had. It was covered in a bright colorful polkadot fabric. A friend gave it to her as a gift a long time ago. She had tucked it away, because it didn't match her new idea of beauty.

I stripped off the existing fabric.

Added some black and white scrapbook paper. Flipped it over and trimmed with an Xacto knife.
A new look for a tucked away item.

Another reuse item - I made framed door decor for College Girl and her roomie last year. Using paper and other items, I repurposed thrifted frames into dry erase boards. Well again, this had been tucked away. The teal paper didn't work with the new decor.

I took it apart. Again added scrapbook paper from the stash. Reused the letters for her name. Put it back together and left her a grocery message for this morning. (she got home really late and was going back this morning early)

It was dark and this looks kinda busy, but in reality it is great. She was thrilled. Alas, the wind caught this frame when she was packing her car and it is now scattered in the driveway. I'll just have to redo again.

I spent NO MONEY. I scratched that itch to create. I made College Girl happy. I worked in one of my favorite manners - USE WHAT I HAVE. How great is all that.

I have a beautiful life. I recognize it. I'm going to record it here. I want you to recognize your beautiful life too.

Oh and the weather people said that four letter word starting with S. In the south that means, no milk or bread in the supermarket. Crazy. Personally - I stocked up on beer (for the man), tequila (for me) and snack foods (for the Softball Princess). We are covered.

Have a great day.

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