Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The first finish of the year

Baby Amelia's blanket. In a color called camo pink. Her daddy is an avid outdoorsman so the color is named appropriately.

It is a round blanket. More than likely a "church" blanket. All ruffled and girly looking. I love the ruffles and they fall wonderfully. Softball Princess wrapped a doll up in it and it is so sweet looking.
Here is a close up of those ruffles. Piles of them.

I miss my girls being little. They would never wear these kinds of ruffles now.

Last night was spent doing lots of looking at this...

It is cold here. 20 degrees F this morning. Cold for the southern US and the weather people are calling for teens and single digits by the weekend.

Oh and I am not alone in enjoying the fire.........

This is one spoiled rotten critter.

Moving the College Girl from one dorm to the other today. Then some MaggieGrace Goodness in front of Biggest Loser (and the fire).

I have a beautiful life.

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