Monday, January 25, 2010

Where did she go???

I'm still here. More cleaning and purging at the house, but I did squeeze in some MaggieGrace this weekend.

JulieAnn - I promise you will get a swap from me. I blinged part of it last night. Durning the torrential storm. We got 2.5 inches of rain in 45 minutes. Serious rain. I was in the studio and thought about heading in the house. NOT EVEN - the yard was completely underwater. Now, since we are in the country and on a well, the water is dirty. I'll be cleaning out all of the aerator screens in the house.

But I did spot this --- a crafter lives here. This little bit is lying on my kitchen steps. A punched scroll. Cool huh. Of course the blogger in me found it photo worthy. Because I know someone will ask - the steps are solid granite. The foundation of my house is solid granite. We live near Elberton, Georgia (Granite capital of the world) and common gray is readily available and cheap to use.

I also started on my little project for the art retreat at my house.

I punched my tags for the sketch I was planning. I will be regrouping because I do not like how that many tags lays out.

They leave my canvas too crowded. I think I will use 4 rows of 4 tags instead of 5.

I did spend a while in the studio. I want to finish these two altered composition books. Then I am planning a project for my house. I have a cabinet that is full of books - I will be moving these onto a bookshelf and repainting/repurposing that cabinet as a pantry in the kitchen.

Just a quick peek at the current work surface in MaggieGrace world.
Have a wonderful Monday all.

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