Thursday, January 21, 2010

What the ????????

Note -the picture has not one thing to do with the post. Hurry to Michaels ya'll - that is patterned packing tape - 1.00 per roll. Yummy. And the little frames - 1.00 each at Dollar General with the Valentine stuff. I'll be using them on journals - I just picked them up so the pics in the frames are those generic ones.

Now - this is a random post that contains NO MaggieGrace goodness.

Last night was the church talent show. One act was absolutely amazing. My friend Melody is taking a HulaHoop performance class at a local studio and performed a routine. OMG - graceful - sensual - beautiful - stunning. Softball Princess, the Man at my Address, and I were still discussing it this morning. Has me investigating the next beginner class.

There's no MaggieGrace goodness because cleaning and purging things like old magazines and paperback books is my focus right now. I just know there is no reason to take pictures of that activity. I grab a stack of magazines (the throwaway kind) not the ones you keep forever like Victoria and Home Companion, and go through them tearing pages and pictures. Instead of piling all of those in a box to deal with later, I am gluing them into my notebooks and making notes to myself on them. Chunk the remainder in the recycling bin. It is taking a while, but I like how the cleanup is progressing.

I said something that took me completely by surprise last night. I proclaimed that "I love bootcamp". Holy -- did I just say that? WTF???? Just how did that happen?

Every vehicle in our possession has been to the shop in the last two weeks. Dang - that has hurt the checkbook - no fun money in the budget. Oh well - we will build up reserves again. I absolutely hate living from paycheck to paycheck. The great news - we have dug out of massive amounts of credit card debt in the past. All of these vehicles are paid for, so even with repair bills, the expense is not as much as one car payment would be. We may be living from paycheck to paycheck, but our debt ratio is very very small.

I am also finding some things out about perspective. I am having some friends over for a craft day in February. I am noticing things about my home by looking at it from a slightly different perspective. There are things I could go into debt and get fixed before the event, but I won't. I am hoping my friends will cut me some slack.

For instance - the bathroom floor vinyl is torn in a few places. Not going to be fixed until I can afford the tile I want. But you know, that spot by the sink is where we all stand to brush our teeth. Hundreds of morning conversations with me and the girls happened right there as we tried not to spit toothpaste on each other. That memory is priceless to me.

Same for a spot behind the door - only it is that new puppy's doing. Am I sorry we brought her home -- no way. She has caused a few issues and torn up some things, but she is there for the duration.

Go ahead - look around your house. Find a problem - my house has hundreds. Now think about how that problem happened. See if you can find a positive twist on it. Dirty stovetop = many dinners for your loved ones. Dishes in the sink = same thing. Thumbtack holes in the walls = notes and special memorablia that someone found worthy of saving. Scratches on the coffee table = someone was comfortable enough in your home to prop their feet up and stay awhile. Try my little game at your house.

NOW - try it at someone elses house. That's a little harder isn't it. Easier to look at the stuff as FLAWS. As maybe they don't care about their things. Easier to think "they should fix that" when you may not know the whole story. Me - I rarely think about my friends home having any kind of flaw. I focus on them and the time we are having together. Makes for a much more pleasnat life.

Am I going to keep people out of my home because it is not perfect? Am I going to keep people out of my life because I am not perfect? NO - I will welcome them with open arms and hope the are comfy in my home and feel loved by this imperfect person the I am.

These are my ponderings and the results of them right now.

In all of this I have come to one huge conclusion. We don't have much money, a great big decorator showplace home, drive fancy cars, take fabulous vacations and yet I can say with complete honesty -- I AM HAPPY. I ALSO ONE FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

anyone else wanna say WOW!

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