Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Although there is no need for cooling breezes.

When the Softball Princess started her room redo, one of the requested items was a new ceiling fan. The one in her room was WHITE and POLISHED BRASS. (I do not know what I was thinking, don't ask).

The fan was one of those pushed to the side projects. (DIY buddies - you know what I mean). The exisiting one was ugly, but it functioned just fine.

Then I got a phone call. A friend was taking down a fan - a black and satin nickle fan. It didn't have a light kit. But they were changing it out and if I wanted it, I could have it. Can we all say the magic word ------ FREEEEEEEE. Yes sir I want it. Will pick it up this afternoon.

The missing light kit was on a minor issue --

The existing fan had a gloriously ugly brass light kit. I - however - own spray paint and am not at all afraid to use it.

Remove light kit - tape off inportant bits.

Save screws - also hideous brass - and poke them into a convenient holder.
Spray paint the hell out of it all - light kit flat black - screws chrome (aka silver).

Have the Man at my Address hang it all back up - wire in the light.

Looks like it all was purchased together. Whoo hoo.
The fan was free - the light kit was there already so I'm counting it free - the spray paint and tape were in the stash so they count as free too.
Happy Softball Princess - PRICELESS.
Its all good.

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