Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Touring the neighborhood....

Note - pictures are from my really pretty Christmas village that College Girl set up on the piano.

It is cold in Georgia. I know it gets colder in other places, but an 18 degree morning is downright cold to us wimps here.

I sleep deep in the covers and close to the Man at my Address. When he gets up, he tucks the covers in nicely around me and starts his day. I sleep in while he gets ready. One measly bathroom at our house.

Well this morning, he took the monster dog out and put her on the chain to the porch. As he left he said "the dog is on the porch." Muffled reply "ok, I'll let her in when I get up."

At 6:30 am it is still dark. I'm up and out in my jammie bottoms, long sleeve t-shirt, slide in clogs, and a sweatshirt. My only task at this time is to bring said dog back in the house.


Normally, I can grab her collar, start her toward the door and in she goes. Not this morning. She takes off in the opposite direction. Followed by yours truly.

I am not dressed for a cardio workout in this weather. Oh but I am getting one. After a lap through the woods, I dart in the kitchen for bribery treats and my coat and cell phone.

May I also say that the cold triggers some severe nerve pain in and through my surgery site.

I cruise through neighbors yards with a symphony of rugged language - some of which may have included "dammit dog".

Cute dog is having a blast playing in the snow - that she hated two days ago. She is sniffing and marking and chasing cars and darting away from me.

I make an on the run phone call to the Man - who turns around to come help with problem.

I now have wet feet to go along with the fashion statement sleepwear and serious bed head hair that I am modeling for the neighbors. In the back of my brain I am thinking about all of the weapons that I know my neighbors have.

And the cute little doggie is having a blast playing in the snow.

After some 30 minutes of this and an estimated two miles of cardio, I hear the Man turn the corner at the highway, cute puppy hears it too and she takes off toward home. She follows the Man into the driveway and hops in the truck as quick as he opens the door.

So after a quick shower - drugs for nerve pain - drugs for asthma attack triggered by warm air after cold air, I finally head for work.

I'll be retracing the steps from this morning to apologize to my neighbors for the CURSING 101 lesson I conducted in their yards before daylight this morning.

As for dog, she will only be allowed in and out on the leash or the run.

Happy Tuesday.

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