Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I looked back on the first post of the year just a few minutes ago. I accomplished both goals stated - well kinda -

We are no where near what I want the interior of my house to be. But we have finished the Softball Princess room. A dramatic improvement. Other things have been accomplished as well. The very first attack for the 2011 year will be the bathroom redo.

I also made more money that I spent on MaggieGrace "stuff" - I was diligent about looking for things "I know I put somewhere" rather than buying it again. I focused on putting and keeping like items together. Progress has been made.

All that is very good. But......

The "surprise kidney cancer roadtrip" affected me. TO MY VERY CORE. Now the personality hasn't changed. I'm still a loud rowdy obnoxious redhead. But little aggravations do not bother me as much. Need to wait in line at the post office - no problem. Being left on "ignore" waiting for someone to answer the phone - no problem. Dealing with someone who works in our industry and can't speak our language - let me call a friend to interpret for you - no really it's not a problem. Temper tantrums come less frequently. Demands to live my life fully and happily today are the most important.

There is no "why me" -- there is a lot of "what can I do to make someone else's life better."

I'm taking generosity lessons from one of my most inspiring friends. If you don't know her, you have missed out. She is smart, funny, beautiful, kind, caring, uplifting, sometimes brutally honest. And even though I have never wrapped my arms around her, I feel as though we have know each other always. (Plus she mailed me a replacement kidney in April - I kinda owe her - ya know)

Drop over and read her archives about her 365 days of giving. It's good stuff.

We are playing a word game - and this month the word is GRACE. I have not made a single thing using that word, but I sure have focused on it - A LOT. Amazing what grace you find when you focus.

But back to generosity lessons. I took the challenge. 365 days of intentional giving. The important part is the intentional part. I have always been willing to share my time and resources "if I was asked to." I considered that to be generous - and it is. But this - this is different. Looking for ways to give. Finding tiny or huge opportunities to give without expecting to be recognized. It takes planning. It takes initiative. It takes intent.

I started earlier this month. So far so good. I will mention this from time to time here. Not for recognition, but for accountability. I am recording each day on an index card for myself - each daily card has three gratitudes and the intentional giving for the day.

This is just too cute not to share.

I made this cute little beanie hat with the intent that it be one of my "gifts" - special thanks to Jennifer Larkin for the easy peasy pattern. I prayed over it an then sent it to live with its new owner )and hopefully new wearer.

By the MAGIC of the cell phone camera - I learned that this cutie happens to love the new hat.

Now how adorable is she?
The fun thing is many things are totally anonymous in their nature. Some are just fun. Some are obviously a Universal Spirit completion of a challenge. All in all - I can already tell the one most affected by the MAGIC of the project is going to be me.
Any one else out there wanna join?

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