Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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As the year end approaches, I always look back and start planning an approach to the new year.

A little later, I'll be posting about my year overall, but last night I was working on coupons and decided to take a look at where that project has led. I started the coupon project shortly before the kidney cancer road trip. As I left the grocery store - department store - service station - etc, I wrote a little note on a tracking sheet in the back of my coupon organizer.

When I paid bills each week, I took the savings from that we and redirected that money towards old debt. (Thank you Dave Ramsey and others for that brilliant idea)

As I ws running the tape last night, I was having an internal conversation about how much work all of the clipping/website checking/planning that it took to do this. And make note as well, I only have done this on a small scale. Was it really worth it?????

Well, I paid off multiple old medical bills. You know, the kind you pay "dollar down and ten dollars a month" as my Nanny would say. I also have a personal loan that was scheduled to be paid off in spring of 2012 - it will now be paid off in late spring 2011.

As I paid off each of those small debts, I then added that payment to the next oldest one. (Again thank you to all of the get out of debt gurus out there) I also made a deliberate decision to add to my savings from each paycheck.

So was it worth it? -- literal terms - 1800.00 and change saved. 6 fewer bill payment checks to write each month. almost a full year ahead of paying off a fairly substantial loan. Money set aside to handle some vehicle emergencies. Time out of work while I recovered and no one went unpaid or delayed on the payment.

Yes my friends - IT WAS FULLY WORTH IT. Wish I had decided to play the game sooner.

The next logical step for me - using the sales and coupons and recipe books to plan meals based on what I have in the pantry and what this weeks best buys are. Let's see if this has an even more dramatic effect. I would like to cut my grocery and household items (cleaning/hygeine) as well as clothing bills per month for our family of four + two boys who are there a whole bunch + two really big dogs to 500.00 instead of the almost 700.00 I spend now. I would also like to cut the WASTE - that gets tossed at my house.

I shop at Bi-Lo in my hometown and Dollar General, CVS, and RiteAID as well as the standard big box stores.

In addition to the websites for the above, here are my other favorite websites that I faithfully check daily. (I subscribe to them either through facebook, email, or google reader)

I hope you found this to be encouraging.

Please share any tips/tricks you have for the saving money lifestyle.

I have an absolutely blessing filled life.

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