Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Huge Thank You!

This shelf is over my piano. Yes I collect those old diner creamers. The wire rack has single serving ones.

I spied a box out by the dumpster at work way back in the summer. Our dumpster is behind the building and gets abused by many as "free" dumping. Anyway, this box was on the ground and as I turned to park I muttered four letter words under my breath about losers and idiots. I walked over and picked it up - then I spy the words Old Christmas Things written in pencil on the box. I peeked inside. See all those blue ornaments piled on my creamers - thats about half of the ones in the box. I quickly scooted me and the box back to my vehicle and tucked them away. VINTAGE BLUE AND SILVER ORNAMENTS....... WHOO HOOO FREE TOO. I love the light bulb shaped ones.

Several weeks ago Miss Sandy, over at Quill Cottage, posted her new studio space. I am in love, or lust, or whatever. Well in the series, she mentioned needing (wanting) those woven leather buttons to finish part of it. Well - I just happened to have some of those - imagine that (roll eyes like husband does)

So I sent her a gift of goodies including those buttons.

Yesterday a small yellow box was in the mail. It was a surprise goodie back from Sandy. Bloggers are some of the most generous people I know.
LOOK - I got one of her paper snowflakes (stars) I'm in love - lust - whatever - still. Go see her, her pictures of these are better and she shows you how she made it.

There were lots of other goodies in the too. I love this little tie on cone. (Sandy, can I copy this?) scrumptios trims and embellishments filled the box.
Below you can see that I pinned the star to a wooden plaque.

Over the nativity that has the most special memories for my family. I blogged about this last year. HERE.

My mantel - most everyone's mantel - usually gets the "pretty" treatment for the season. Not this year for us. This very special crudely made nativity is much more important than any of the numerous gorgeous ones I have. The angel plaque was a gift from my uncle and now I have a "star" from a far flung friend to add to the display.
Thank you again Sandy. I love my surprise.
It is shaping up to be a wonderful Christmas for my family.
Have a wonderful day.

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