Thursday, December 02, 2010

Just Like Me

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MaryAnn gave me the word - Grace - for December. I am going to try and do a better job of posting again. Why? Because regular posting makes me more accountable and aware of my life.

This post kept me thinking way into last night. Grace according to one of Websters definition is to adorn. Well this post covers adornments - the kind that is spelled JEWELRY - KINDA.

I had a customer early yesterday morning. She met her plumber at the store. She was a very attractive lady. Slightly older than I am. Well dressed. I knew her family - she comes from what we would refer to as "old money." The kind of money that is not seriously affected by the current state of the economy.

Oh my, and she was wonderfully pleasant to work with. Thoughtful. Easy. Trusted me as the expert in what I was doing. She is replacing a few things in her home.

As we finished her selections, I commented on her ring. Honestly, it was stunning and I had noticed it immediately when she came in.

How can I title this post "JUST LIKE ME" you might ask yourself.

Well that simple comment of "your ring is so interesting" caused her face to light up. She began to tell me about the ring and other pieces of jewelry she was wearing. She was excited about sharing the stories behind it. Again you might ask the question "JUST LIKE ME?"

She was not bragging about the cost of anything she had on - although it was fine jewelry. See, my customer and her family just closed an old family business. And this beautiful, thoughful, sincere lady was starting over in her new and more authentic life. He family operated a jewelry store here for many years. She was in sales for fine jewelry. Again I say, she was not bragging.

My customer and now a new found friend - walked away from that family business and is now designing fine jewelry. The ring I commented on was her very first newly designed and brought onto the market ring. She was excited by my noticing. She told her story with enthusiasm. She shared her fears that no one would "get" her designs. She shared her uncertainty about moving on at this point in her life into a new vocation. She sounded JUST LIKE ME. In that moment God showed me that money means nothing, things mean nothing, status means nothing. Deep down where it really all matters is where I found my new friend. Someone who is JUST LIKE ME.

It affirms me when I get compliments on my creations. I do not hesitate to share the story. I have openly shared the challenges of my life. My creations are so far from the price point of what my customer is doing, but the heart and soul of each piece is so very much the same.

And that my friends - make my new found friend very much - JUST LIKE ME.

Grace is also defined as a pleasing quality. I got to see that side of my new friend.

All that GRACE found me a new friend.

Pretty cool I'm thinking.

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