Wednesday, December 01, 2010

GATHER.... A conclusion of November's word.

Image is a scan of floss cards I picked up in a grab bag over the weekend. You are welcome to use as you would like, But if you make something really fun, please send me a picture or a link so I can ooh and ahh over your creations.

As you regular readers know, MaryAnn and I are doing a word collaboration. November was my month to pick the word and I chose -- GATHER.

Initially MaryAnn was like - dangit, I'm trying to purge. But after a few texts we went with my word.

Little did I know how profound this was going to be.

NOTE - You can look at the pretty thread holders and copy the picture and quit, but I want this recorded, and since MaggieGrace is my entire being - here we go.

I chose GATHER, because I knew my family would do just that for Thanksgiving, which we did. My family is not very openly sentimental about things, but my heart has been so full of the blessings I recognized because of the C word, I wanted more from this years days. So I GATHERED my courage and opened myself to the ridicule of those closest to me. On Thanksgiving day I opened my heart to those around my table, I poured my feelings of gratitude and love out for them to hear. I asked if anyone else wanted to share anything and I got SILENCE in return. For a moment I was stunned, then hurt, then (maybe because I really had no expectations on this activity) I was blessed by the reality that my Mom was there and healthy and active. I was blessed that College Girl was there for us to tease about her food not "touching" on her plate. I was blessed that Softball Princess was laughing and teasing and wondering why we don't have pecan pie "all the time." I was blessed that the Man at my Address puts up with all my crazy and bizarre (to him) ideas. And that even if they did not know how to share their feelings with me, I AM BLESSED TO HAVE THEM GATHERED AROUND ME.

In addition to that little experiment, I also GATHERED up three loads of donated stuff and got it our of my house.

I GATHERED all of my craft/decor/gotta keep magazines and have them all in one place.

I GATHERED all of my ideas for redoing my bathroom and laundry room area into one big folder and am well on my way to actually doing that redo.

I GATHERED what few things MaggieGrace had completed and participated in an art market.

I GATHERED pecans and put them in the freezer (yes, Softball Princess will get some pie soon).

I GATHERED my stupid moments and combined them into the stupid idea to run my first 5K. (this Saturday.)

I GATHERED a few supplies for a project into a wonderful tote and have been working on these projects (more later).

I GATHERED a lot, mentally, emotionally, and physically this month. It was a good month.

Now I have a feeling the month of December may be even more enlightening. MaryAnn chose our word.

Decembers word is GRACE. Come on - play along if you wanna

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