Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Best Christmas ever.

Maybe my perspective is different. Maybe I finally pondered the real spirit of Chirstmas long enough. I don't know. But I had a wonderful wonderful Christmas.

There was not a lot of hurry scurry. I took an entire week to decorate the monster of a tree. Literally finishing the icicles about 45 minute before our family dinner on Friday night.

A super blurry picture of the tree just for perspective. This bad boy was huge. We have high ceilings and big big rooms.

I never found the Baby Jesus I was looking for. He will show up, I am sure as I undertake some cleaning/clearing of home this year.

Here are some picture of what did happen.

Cooking. Eating. Napping. Laughing. Sharing. Snuggling. Movie watching. Snow play. Crafting. Eating. Napping. All good.

I made a grocery run on Friday morning - and never left again until this morning.

College Girl scrambled eggs for Christmas breakfast.

There were pancakes - sausage - toasted pecans.

Whoops - an out of order picture of the egg scrambler.

I do toasted pecans as a snack while we do Santa and unpack stockings.

Bed head and jammie t-shirt.

The kitchen island groaned over the weight of dinner food.

There were baked apples.

College Girl and Nomi (my mom)

Grandmother and Granddaddy (the Man's parents)

Softball Princess effectively evaded the camera for this part.

The Man - he ate - and got up for a refill and lost his chair to College Girl --

They baked - a LOT of cookies. (Can I say that I love this picture)

Ben and College Girl.

My monsters.

Blake and Softball Princess
Again - it was a wonderful Christmas. Full of blissful, beautiful, blessing filled moments.
(I see my size in these pictures. Got a long way to go on the weight loss journey. There will be a serious focus on that next year. I have the tools in place, just need to keep focusing on those blue pants. )
Back tomorrow with a few more pictures.

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