Thursday, November 02, 2006


November officially begins the winter holiday season at our house. I have already put the Christmas list together. I am working on a card design to scan and use for everyone and would like to have these ready to mail the Monday after Thanksgiving. We are planning the 2nd Annual Christmas Tea that a group of us have with our teenage daughters and their mom's. I have been working on the Christmas Musical at church with the youth and that is now a priority. The Bazaar will be just before Thanksgiving. Busy-Busy times for us.

The two bracelets pictured are from Silver Spoon Jewelry. This is a wholesale site only but they do have a store list. I love both of these bracelets and I have a jewelry maker in my house. I also am the proud owner of a soup can full of unmatched silver teaspoons. I bought the teaspoons years ago at yard sales and made tons of tree ornaments for teachers that year. I have now devised a way to use the handles I cut off then. (Why do artistic type people keep stuff like that?)

I will celebrate this month of thanksgiving by sharing small gratitudes in every post. We are all aware of the large things we are grateful for. I want to celebrate small things. The things we may not be aware of but that really are worth celebrating.

Today I am celebrating - the golden trail I drive to work. I noticed red and orange leaves too but today there seemed to be gold everywhere. I live in rural north Georgia. I drive about 25 miles to work on mostly a two lane road and the trees this year are absolutly gorgeous. I drive this road with a large percentage of people I know. This morning, one of our church members let me in at the courthouse traffic jam (lasts about 5 minutes every morning at going to school time) and another one waved to me and bowed his head to pray for me at the first traffic light we stopped at. How can you not enjoy the drive when it is this pretty and you share it with friends?

Celebrate something small that really is big today.

Have a beautiful day and a wonderful holiday season.


Leslie said...

I've noticed the colors of the trees the past couple of days behind my school. I love trees and how God's love for colors are revealed every fall and spring.

Sean Carter said...

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Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

clever!! Beware silver spoons at the fleamarket!!