Monday, December 11, 2006

Good Morning Sunshine

A detail from Baby Charlie's quilt. I will show you all of it tomorrow.

Whew, I had to come back to work to rest from my weekend. This quilt has been my constant companion due to the speeded up schedule of this shower. I have become known as the creative mom at ballgames, concerts, and other kids activities. I love sharing my work with people and never consider it an interruption to talk to them about it. I especially love when kids ask. I feel like maybe I can help plant a small seed of creativity in them.

A quick rundown of the weekend.

Friday Night - 3 basketball games then dinner with some of the team families, go move stage backdrops off the floor at church, clean paint off floor.

Saturday started early - more basketball, then go get a tree, put said tree up (dad's job), go to church to work on backdrops, eat dinner at Huddle House at 10:30 pm, home, nurse the splinters and glue gun burns.

Sunday - early service, lunch, quilt, clean stage, play practice,hang backdrops, set up final staging, baby sit kids for a ss class party, home, quilt. crash and burn about midnight.

This morning I am tired, sore all over, and not feeling very industrious at all. But I must. The quilt has to get its final binding completed. Be washed and packaged for the shower on Tuesday night.

Then I have to do the program for Sunday night and get it ready to copy. All along this week we will add to the tree and maybe finish decorating it.

Molly has the retake on her driver test tomorrow - I am praying she passes this time. The meltdown we experienced last week does not bear repeating (I hope). She really would love to drive to her Sunday School class party on Friday night - so please lift her up tomorrow.

Abby has been the best helper this weekend. She even gained hazardous duty accolades on Saturday night. We were hot gluing the flat sided marbles on one of the backdrops and that was long, drawn out, and tedious. 559 of those marbles. Then poking lights through from the back to light the marbles. Then last night she hleped clean the stage and set it up. This is help I desperately needed and I offer many, many thanks.

I still have a really long list to accomplish before the holiday arrives. As it approaches, I will have to remind myself to pause and just enjoy moments of the season.

I hope you all are having a beautiful Monday.


Roxanne said...

Hi there - thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your quilt, it is just beautiful.

I feel your pain with the lists and lists of things to accomplish. I am fortunate to get to stay home with my little one, but as a one income family I try to really stick to a budget at Christmas and make a lot of my gifts...but its coming so fast. Thanks for the reminder of what its all about.

Vallen Queen said...

What do you eat to keep you going like the Energizer Bunny. I thought I had accomplished alot this weekend but you are a machine, woman. I dont think I've done as much as you did this weekend in an entire year!!!!