Friday, December 01, 2006

Color Theory

As an artistic soul, I am aware of color and its interaction with color around it. But I really have never paid attention to how varying the color of an item really affects me.

The ladies at the cross stitch store that is my local favorite are always remarking that I adapt color in patterns. And I do. Very rarely do I use any pattern in the exact way it is graphed. I am approaching this foray into quilting the same way. I just put things together the way that pleases me. I rarely do "commissioned" items because I am sure that I would want to fiddle with the colors requested. I love to create my own designs and I am doing more and more of that.

This morning, I was scanning the new "country register" newspaper, and saw a quilt shop hop organizing for the spring. They listed all of the stops and their websites. On the website, I found the black and bright quilt and fell in love immediately. I want to do a black and bright quilt for myself and this photo was immediately printed for the inspiration books. I love the pattern here as well as the fabric choices.

Now look carefully at the batik bright quilt. I scanned right past this. Does not appeal to me in any way. The colors are "pretty" but it is just too busy for me. I started reading the descriptions and - what the heck - it is the exact same pattern as the quilt I love. I studied the two pictures carefully and tried to figure out how to interpret what I was seeing/responding too.

What I have identified is that the mixed bright quilt -that I describe as too busy - looks and feels chaotic to me. Kind of like the life I lead. Once a long while ago, I put all of my schedules on one calendar and almost had a heart attack. There are many days that I feel like I will never get it all done. That the list will only be partially crossed off. I have a work schedule, a home schedule, a church schedule, Molly's schedule, Abby's schedule, and a craft committment schedule. (Just really glad Mr. Charles can drive himself to his schedule) There is very little room for putting other activities in. I steal every spare moment to do things just for me. I like having "stolen moments" of things and people that are encouraging to me. "Stolen moments" to just be myself - where I am not expected to be anything but me. I nurture myself in those "stolen minutes" and that time is very important to me. (I almost always leave the store at lunch or I feel like I don't get a break all day.)

Now the black and bright quilt. Has some of the same batik fabrics and I love the colors throughout. But with the black boundaries, it feels controlled. Like there is a "plan" for it. The brights are there kind of like a bright spot in the day. And, since there seems to be a "path" around and through the pattern, those bright spots bring a pleasant surprise. They seem to give you a little "reward" for completing an item and crossing it off, but then there may be several of those "side trips" within a bright area. I can see that I am trying to give my life that same kind of structure. Trying to schedule and plan and organize. But I still grab onto those "bright spots." I still will try to let the house go and spend time with my mom or my sister, or various others who are important to me. I look forward to crossing things off my list - but I also welcome those "interruptions" that almost always result in the feeling that I live a very blessed life.

There - my color theory on those two quilts. My analysis of why I like one and not the other. My own self analysis. There is absolutely no scientific basis for any of this. No self-help books required. An arrival at the ultimate awareness. Shout out loud. I LEAD A VERY BLESSED LIFE!!!!!!

I hope you are all leading a blessed life too.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Color therapy! You have the gift, thanks for sharing it with us! Bella You!!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

I know what you mean exactly! I do the same things with colors in patterns, and I feel the same exact way about those two quilts, but I couldn't have put into words the way you did. My husband calls it "quirky"...I say, "I just like it the way I like it!" lol!

Salix Tree said...

Totally agree with you! That multi-colored one has some realy pretty little batic suns in it, and you can't even see them with every other color shouting!