Thursday, December 14, 2006


If there is some one out there with lots of extra cash on hand - I would love anything from this lady's line. Magnolia Pearl Beautiful Wear - OMG - is this not luscious and romantic and devine. I first saw this home and work featured in the Mary Englebright Magazine and fell head over heels for the bags. I am saving for one to be my splurge for me at some significant birthday in the future.

If you have time to look at the galleries of clothing and other photos, be sure and study the details of the home she has renovated and lives in. It is a wonderful eclectic mix of salvage and recycled materials. There are beautiful details everywhere, from heart shaped tin patches on the floor to the gingerbread trim featured on the porch in the photo above.

And while I am sure that being a business owner and seamstress extraordinaire can have its stresses, the environment she has chosen to surround herself with, leads to beautiful living.

I have no MaggieGrace goodies to share today. Molly took the camera to school. So I decided to share this with you. The essence of this lifestyle featured at Magnolia Pearl is what I hope to have in the studio.

May you all have a wonderful day.

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Vallen said...

Oh, forget the clothes and purses, may I just sit on that porch all day and drink mint julep's?