Thursday, December 21, 2006

My wish for you all

This is my offering to Linda Garcia for the Winter Wishes swap hosted by Vintage Dragonfly. Soft and sparkly - wishing everyone "peace". I was very pleased with the end result.

I really can't figure out why these are blurry. When I make prints of them, they are not. Any ideas ladies. My favorite technique and one that I will use again and again appears here. The WINTER WISHES wording is embossed onto card stock using one of those cheap handheld label makers. I just cut a strip the same width as the sticky tape that comes with the device and thread it through. I love the effect it gives. You will see it again. I also used only what I had on hand for this assembly.

I hope Linda enjoys it.

Roxanne left a post yesterday and I may take that as my year long challenge for 2007. I am always rushed from October through December and then I add the handmade gifts to this stress. So how many out there would be interested in a year long gift completion challenge? The idea - finish one Christmas gift each month. The process - in January list the 12 items you need to finish on your blog. Leave a comment here with a link to your blog. . Finish one each month. Post about it on your blog, leave a comment here saying you have posted and share it with your blogworld buddies. The result - a much less stressful 2007 holiday season. Any takers??

I have found that being part of a challenge keeps me accountable. I have found that blogging keeps me creating, because I want to share things with you guys. I look daily for inspirations from you. I cannot wait to take a look every day.

I am reading a book that was given to me at sometime in the past. I will post all the information at a later time but I want to share a thought with you. In this book Tracks in the Snow, the angel is talking to the unborn Christ child and he says to the unborn baby about humans. "They love until they get scared." This phrase has haunted me since I read it. It took cancer and age to really teach me about love. My soul reaches for each new day in a new way now. I have ceased trying to make things fit the way they did before. I no longer expect happiness to be given to me. I now know that love grows each time you give some away. I also know that love grows each time you accept it from someone else. I now know that this gift of love is the very basis of God's message to us all. In order to be more like Him, we must reach toward the LOVE every moment of every day. Love for God, love for each other, love for ourselves. So this Christmas, everyone reach for the love.

Merry Christmas all.


Darlene said...

bless you Maggie for all of your prayers and kind words of support.

thank you,
xo Darlene

Roxanne said...

What a great challenge idea! I never thought of it that way, but it will definitely hold me more acountable to actually getting things done. How can I say no - of course I am in!

MaryAnn said...

Hook me up - I'm in on the challenge! Yes, yes, yes!

jen b said...

I love your idea of a yearlong christmas making marathon. I just wonder if I can pull it off. somehow I do work better under pressure. I think I will try it. I'll keep ya posted.