Monday, December 18, 2006

Random Stuff from the weekend.

MaggieGrace accomplished this and a few other unmentionable goodies on Saturday. Spoon handle bracelet. A simple project (kind of) I will do the next ones in a slightly different order. Now I am on the lookout for silver sppon, forks, and serving pieces. There will be more of these. The spoon bowl area will appear later, after the recipients get the items.

This beautiful tin patch is on the floor of the studio. Unfortunately it will also be covered up. As I took these photos on Saturday, I found myself wondering if the patches in my heart are as beautiful. I have my doubts - my scars - the holes in my heart and soul - are more than likely a series of ragged and pitted and tattered ugliness. As I get older though, and find that forgiving myself and others is both necessary and healing, those scars are becoming less obvious.

Take a look at the cross in the background. All of the activity of resettting the stage for the youth program last night is a blur and yet the cross remains clear in the distance. My idea for that cross was that it be lit from behind. 559 x 2 holes later and marbles glued on this is the outcome. Can you believe that most of the marbles are a soft blue? When the lights are on, it is a beautiful golden glow.

I think this photo illustrates perfectly the secular approach to Christmas. A blur of activity and little thought about the true meaning of the season. I am printing this one as a reminder to me - that slowing down and making a committment to focus on the message of the manger and the cross is so much more important.

Finally - Santa did come early to our house. The MaggieGrace studio has a new subfloor. This highly uninspired photo is of my only requested gift -- plywood. Only a creative person would be as excited as I am over a truckload of this stuff. It means that real progress is underway on the studio. Remember the patch from earlier in this post. We covered it up with the plywood. Because I ponder things and assign meaning to them, I know that patch is still there and I can say that even hidden, the message of it is, anything worth doing is worth doing beautifully.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Yes anything worth doing is worth doing beautiful!!

I love this quote for the day!

MaryAnn said...

I, too, have a soft spot in my heart for subfloor.