Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let's try again.

I cannot post the things I am working on. Top secret stuff for blogging buds and I really don't want to leak any of the information. However - due to a change in a baby shower - these may be new year gifts instead of Christmas. So I beg in advance for forgiveness.

So I post this photo instead. A page from Mollys' art project at school, this assignment is for an altered book. Must have 13 pages and show several techniques and mediums and every page must have text. This page - acrylic paints. One of my favorites.

I am saddened by the news from the Kim family. I continue to keep them in my prayers. This father gave everything trying to care for his family. I consider this a heroic act. As the holiday season progresses, I keep them and many others in my thoughts. There are holes in many hearts. I plan to reach out to some local people we know of and I hope you all will find time to reach out to someone too. Your time is valuable and we all get the same amount of it everyday. I promise the time you spend with others will bring rewards you never imagined.

I lead a very blessed life. I wish each of you a blessed life as well.

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Vallen Queen said...

The tragedy of James Kim makes me stop and reflect each time the thought comes to my mind. His and his family's ordeal has touched the hearts of everyone.