Friday, December 08, 2006


More pages from Molly's altered book.

Are you ready for Christmas? Not me by any stretch - we will put up the tree this weekend. And I have started some of the shopping. But still not at all ready.

I gave myself a treat last night. I ran by the holiday market at Big City Bread here in Athens and purchased a pendant from Black Apple. Introduced myself to Emily and immediately adored her. She is just as cute as can be. And her work - in person - incredible. I only had a few minutes to talk to her, but I hope we can meet for coffee and conversation soon.

Why do artists have a reputation for being "unique" in personality? Many of my friends have the idea that creative people are reclusive, self-absorbed, some even say strange. What I found is that most artists are kind and generous and welcoming and incredibly personable. I am in awe of those who can live the creative life personally and professionally. Emily confirmed that to me. She was warm and welcoming, very personable. I cannot wait to get to know her even better.

Another favorite has his work there - Peter Loose - I have spoken of him here before. Quite a different style, but a warm and boisterous personality. His work is bright and fun and whimsical. I plan to go back today and spend a little more time. I had to leave so fast because Abby had a chorus concert for school.

Emily asked if I was underwhelmed - I hope you are reading this - absolutely not. If anything overwhelmed is the description. There is so much about your work that I am drawn to. And to find the soft spoken and generous person behind that work, makes me even a bigger fan. I find myself even this mornign at a loss for words - once you know me you will see that doesn't happen often. I really wanted a duncy, but the one I loved was already gone.

I have "met" so many people through this cyber medium. I want to thank each of you for your words and visual inspiration. As I have met some of you for real, I am really even more inspired to improve my work - either in vision or in quality.

I am looking for new challenges for the new year. As this year closes, I am allowing myself to wind down. I have many things to finish but that will happen and I know it. I surfed yesterday looking at various committments. The fact that I have a full time "real" job and am a mom of busy teenagers keeps me from committing to art everyday, but I am looking for some sort of challenge for myself. I like having a group of players in a challenge because of accountability and the slightly friendly competiton generated. Any ideas???

I have a busy weekend ahead (again) - see you guys on Monday.


Vallen Queen said...

Hey Miss T.
I love Black Apple stuff. She is a wonder. Lucky you to live so close. Lucky her to live close to you. Rest assured that you are not the only one who's not quite ready for the holidays. Fortunately I get a week off before the big event. I will have to use my time wqisely.

shula said...

Hi Teresa, insightful and reassuring post regarding the Creative Personality and public perception vs. truth.

So easy to make assumptions about how or who they are. Yet the truth, if you take the trouble, is often quite different.

Clever, perceptive woman.

MaryAnn said...

WAY TO GO MOLLY! Pleas pass along my compliments to the blooming artist!

Emily said...

thank you so much, lady.
I am SO thrilled that I met you, and am definently looking forward to lunch, coffee, and more talking. :)

MamaCatfish said...

Your comment about artists really spoke to me. I like to call myself an artist but I don't think you would look at me and call me that. Enjoying your blog, found it by way of The Black Apple. I live in Gainesville and love the local inspiration.