Wednesday, December 27, 2006

These things I love

I tried to post this yesterday and blogger dumped it somewhere. So here goes.
My family traditions. This is my Aunt Diane and Uncle Tommy at the lake house. Making doughnuts for our Christmas gathering. This was an extra special Christmas because Zach (their grandson) was baptized on Christmas Eve at their church. This is probably our family's oldest tradition.

Boys being boys. This is the photo pose assumed by Tyler and Benjamin. They though I would fuss about it but I just took the picture. My mom in the lower right corner.

Old barns, old buildings, wooden boxes, craft supplies, fabric, yarn, old bottles, beads, old cards, this list of old things and other goodies goes on and on. I was told at Christmas that I am hard to buy for. I refuse to believe that. Just look through this blog, my dear friend, and you will find ideas for giving. The best part - I don't expect anything. I am not a high maintenance person. I am not brand concious. I don't want the biggest, the best, the newest thing. I prefer time with family and friends. I want you to come with me and just enjoy time together.

I love to spend an afternoon digging through junk stores or thrift shops or antique shops. When I travel, I may see a shop and just stop to see. I do like to have time on a trek for that activity. Just killing time. This is so much more fun with a friend. Then you can hold up a prize across the shop and squeal and giggle about it at a distance. Helps if that friend has the same twisted sense of humour, too.

Puppet shows by 4 year olds -complete with programs. Or any age kid. I love kids performances. It doesn't matter if they stumble over a line or miss a cue or sing off key. I just love the blessings of kids being themselves. (again at the lake house, an impromptu puppet theatre made from an ironing board and a sheet.) My favorite part of the Christmas weekend.

This reminds me of making tents on the clothesline when I was little. We always tried to make them from chenille bedspreads because they were always long enough to reach the ground. I still love those spreads. My girls made tents too. With this rainbow print fabric that was the shirred wall in Molly's nursery. Over the table and chair in the dining room - no clothesline at my house.

Share a childhood memory with us. I would love to hear those stories of yours.

Have a beautiful day.

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