Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sharing my space.

Left to right - Abby - me - Cortney. The tongue out concentration look is shared by me Molly and Abby at different times.

The creation of the bottom of the ocean.

School project.

Materials - wire mesh - hot glue - foam core - paper towel roll - aluminum foil box (yup the roll of foil now has no storage container home) - paper cones from the water dispenser cups (a moment of inspiration for undersea mountains) - paper mache - and fun.

Welcoming my kids friends into our home.

Absorbing the energy kids bring into my house.

Grateful that these kids feel welcome.

Knowing that the mess does not matter.

Realizing that my girls will one day leave this nest and create one of their own.

Praying that I am giving them the tools they need to find love and success and self acceptance and happiness.

But right now relishing the time we spend together.

Girls - I draw my energy from you and your friends. I accept the blessings you are giving me. I joyously share my love and blessings back to you. You may think we are just making a school project. What we are making is a life. Me and you and the others we invite in. One experience at a time. Words and ideas shared and absorbed. Laughter and tears. Each a tiny stitch in this quilt of our life - some very decorative, some serving as the utilitarian hold everything together kind. All beautiful in their own way. At all times in your life, look carefully at the fabrics contained in it, if you really concentrate, you will remember this - and so many other - moments. And if you remain open to the people and experiences you encounter - all of the variety will make this quilt even more beautiful. No matter what - know that I love you - without ceasing and even more importantly you are not only my child - you are a child of God. Love and prayers always - MOM

Thanks to all of my blog friends for coming here to visit me. Please let me know you dropped by.

Have a beautiful day.

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