Wednesday, December 20, 2006

taking a chance here.

This is the other half of the spoon bracelet. A collage spoon ornament or pendant. I have worn one as a necklace for several days and have received many compliments on it. This one is going to an artist friend and has a creed I have written for myself included as well. Hopefully this will be meaningful when it arrives. This person has encouraged me, inspired me, and gifted me. I have learned even more generosity and kindness from this person. If you click on the photo you can read most of the creed and see that the message on the spoon goes with the creed. I will tell you that I was inspired to make these by the new Sally Jean book. Instead of diamond glaze, I used the glass finish designed for paper. I love these and there will be more. (reminder- silver spoon whenever thrifting).

Next -I want to share my address book with you. This was made by my very talented Mom, Naomi (Nomi) It was a gift for me and I am thrilled to have it. I also have an old suede tote that has the same sunbonnet sue applique on it and my maiden initals. I really should find that tote and use it. I use this address book to keep special people contact information - like my new swap buddies and blog friends. It is a very special book for me because she made it and because it contains special people only.

Now for a long overdue item - sorry. The next three ATC for the Indulgence Project. (See the May archives for the original posts.) My three are at the top - Dinner, Drinks, & A Movie. The recipient, Laura, also qualified for the first three ATC made by MS Molly. I have really focused on finishing up these and a few other lingering projects of late. It sure does feel good to complete them. There will be more to come. It is the height of the Christmas frenzy for me. How about you? Are you making resolutions to be more prepared next year? I hope you are taking time to slow down and reflect. For ALL of you out there in blog world, whatever you are celebrating, may we all find the peace and goodwill everyone longs for and everyone deserves.

Happy Holidays.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

And thank you for your wishes of peace!

Roxanne said...

The spoon is beautiful. I have seen spoon rings, but never bracelets or necklaces. I was just thinking this morning about my new year's resolutions. I was thinking that one of them should be to finish a Christmas gift every month. I am kind of scared to even expect that out of myself, but I know I would enjoy the season that much more next year. I'll have to think about it...