Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A way overdue thank you.

The photo is missing some items. There was a cute little floral fabric that is being transformed and a beautiful red panel that was immediately put across the bench in my room. Ms Vallen - the Queen - made me this beautiful wall hanging and my very own crown. I saw the one she made for MaryAnn in the pink and brown swap and wanted one too. I have had this ready to share but did not have the words to explain how this makes me feel.

The wall hanging was Vallen's answer to a challenge I posted and added the clip art to. The back of it says "you inspire me" . This message came as a part of my package on a day when I did not feel like anything I touched was right. I couldn't craft, I couldn't read, I was afraid to drink, I really was struggling. And I get home and there is this wonderful gift. From basically a total stranger saying that I inspire her. We need to hear that at some point and I get mine in the mail. I cannot wait to hang this in MaggieGrace world. And I am going to suspend it so that I can look at both sides (the back is as beautiful as the front). I cannot believe she chose to gift me with my challenge and that it was something that I desperately needed to hear.

Now the crown - a magnificent work of art complete with a ladybug. We have ladybugs in the house at times and we always say that it is good luck if one lands on us. So I now am destined to have this good luck at anytime. I just put on my crown and there is the ladybug. There are also flowers and feathers and embroidered linen pieces. Just perfect for me and I love the colors. Now I am on the lookout for a wig form to display this on in the studio too.

I also need to thank MaryAnn for some fabric she sent. I have drafted a quiltlet pattern to use with it. I am just way behind on posting and crafts.

I am working deperately on Baby Charlie's quilt because that shower has slipped up on me. I hate the rushed feeling this gives me. So I am trying to get that done so I can focus on the rest of Christmas. Some of my blog buddies may get new year gifts instead of Christmas gifts. I hope I will be forgiven for that.

Now this thrify goodness. This was taken on the porch swing on the front porch at my house. It is vintage (I think). I saw this in a basket of curtain panels at the Project Safe thrift store here in town and did not pick it up. The fabric pattern haunted me. Illustrated prints and verses from A Child's Garden of Verse. I wanted it. So back I go on saturday morning - praying all the way that no one else had fallen in love. There seems to be acres of the fabric - two panels 7 ft by 6 ft - lined in a heavy basic cream flannel. They were there waiting patiently in the basket just for me. I picked them up and headed to the counter fully expecting to pay an unusally large mount for these thrifted goodies. The cashier rang me up and asked for $4.28. I swallowed hard and gave her a 5 telling her to keep the change. I almost ran out of the building to avoid her realizing that I just bought treasure for next to nothing. If there are any fabric experts out there, please identify this for me. What the heck am I going to do with this? I do not have a clue, it just makes me happy, and for 5 dollars that happiness was very well priced.

I spent some time with my Mom this weekend too. She is an incredibly talented seamstress and is quilting right now. We were talking and she made a true confession to me. This is "G" rated. She has a hard time cutting into fabric. She buys fabric just like I do. Sometimes with no plan for it. Just because she likes it and it makes her happy to look at it, touch it, be inspired by it. If she buys with a specific project in mind it has no impact - cut away. But those others - the ones she bought because they needed to live at her house - she struggles to cut that first time. I have the same problem and it was nice to know that mom does too. We have had a very stormy relationship at times and it is so reaffirming to find common ground.

Do you buy things just because they spoke to you? Do you have trouble cuting or using those items? Do you sometimes spend hours just going through your supplies and being reinspired? Can you identify patterns in your creations or purchases? I can answer all of those questions with a capital YES.

What kinds of things scream your name and demand to live at your house?

I hope you all are having an inspired day.


Vallen Queen said...

Oh Teresa, I'm so happy that you are my friend. This is a beautiful post. That fabric - oh my gosh!!!! - that is a prize!!!
Tell your mom that I buy fabric all the time, well not just fabric really - that I can't cut into. The first slice I do with my eyes almost closed. I'm trying to overcome this.

Karin said...

Hi Teresa! Thanks for stopping by my blog! First off let me just say I love your profile description :) Secondly, I am just like your mom too. I buy fabric that I love...then don't want to use it because... I don't want to cut into it because... I don't want to waste it because... I might need it someday for that perfect project that has not yet been thought of....... lol....Karin aka creative chaos