Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday - a WIP and an idea

Aren't these colors yummy. This is Manos del Uraguay in a different colorway. This stuff is so luxurious to work with. Molly says it not itchy to wear either. This is the last of what is in my stash too I'll be asking for more of this for Christmas gifts. It is hand spun and dyed so the texture and color are random. I think I'm in love. It takes one skein to make a beanie hat like the Molly loves. It is however - expensive at 16.00 per skein for the varigated ones. I can mailorder a tiny bit cheaper but when you add in freight it still comes out about the same.
I personally have had a tough week but it should improve now that some things are fully in the open. I am so amazed that even given many opportunities to make something right - someone will choose deceit to protect themselves. The resulting loss of respect and trust apparently means nothing to them. Which I then interpret as "I mean nothing to them". But it will be okay now.
Now for an idea - I have had a lot of time using what I have this year. I also read a post over at JenandJules (see sidebar) that has had me thinking. I have more than enough stuff at my house to create with. Anything I come up on that I might need I quite possibly could sub for or swap for. I have a fortune invested in STUFF. What if I tie savings and debt reduction to the using what I have idea. I can see Mastercard laughing at this idea, but hear me out.
I add a small dedicated jar in my workspace. Everytime I use an item I already had, add money to the jar. Say .25 cents. Then when the jar is full I send that "extra" money as a payment on a debt. Take the butterflies for example ---- the list of materials wire - buttons - beads - paper. That's basically 4 items so for the butterflies I make I put a dollar in the jar. The beanie hats are only one item so they are just a quarter. I am going to try this for the month of November and just see if it is something I can work with. What do you think????? There is no limit on purchasing - this is more of a reward for good behavior kind of set up. I am targeting my money for debt reduction - but you could use yours for fun money or such.
Anybody else out there want to try this????
Have a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend. I'll be at a softball field.


Roxanne said...

I love this idea Teresa!! I'll definitely be giving it a try. And November is the perfect time because I'll be working on a ton of gifts that will hopefully come from my stash. Thanks!

Mary Ann said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm totally in, too! That's a genius idea, and I think my credit card just let out a little sigh of relief.

Raesha D said...

That yarn is beautiful!! And I am so with you on the quarter idea!! What a great concept. Now to fabulously decorate a jar and round up loose change from the whole house to get started. Oh and to hide it from Miss S lest she try to steal it evey chance she can get:)

Elizabeth Prata said...

I love it! A great idea. What a super way to save $$ and use what you have.

Back in the 90s my husband at the time and I were trying to live really frugally so we could travel. We had this habit of heading to the store for every little thing. Then a hour or a day later we'd find the very item in a drawer somewhere, having owned one all along. This happened over and over. So we started a rule, 'no store, make do'. Our mantra became, "We have it." And we usually did!

amandajean said...

I think I am going to try this too-what a great idea! Except I am going to use the money to buy more pretty fabric. (the sickness is bad over here!)