Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is coming......

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I do not shop on Black Friday. Used to. As I have aged, I got smarter, so I let all the other crazy people have that fun. Besides - we are having a very low key Christmas in our world. Many of our gatherings will not involove gifts at all, just being together. A focus on what is good in our lives.

But I did have Friday off. I slept in a little. Then I had all day to clean in MaggieGrace world. I have been rearranging and digging through the pile of things I had gathered over time. So, right now, the studio is clean.

After putting away a significant amount of stuff, I decided to work on this wall. Actually, I took this after I started, when I began this project, the entire space above the scissors and picture of the girl was unused.

I added the literature racks that I saved from the dumpster at work.

Mounted the locker basket and the little white wicker drawers.

After rearranging the assorted hooks and racks, I arrived here. Then I altered some clipboards. I love how this new arrangement works. My frequently used things are close by and up off the counter out of my way, but still where I can get to them readily.

All that work getting ready for the art show allowed me to assess what my needs were for material and tool storage. I am sure this will continue to morph, but for right now, I am a hapy camper.

Speaking of clip boards........

Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on how to do these.

This is not a quickie creation, but it is simple. Most of the time is taken up by the drying time.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

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