Monday, November 09, 2009

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So sorry about that on my last post comments. I exercised my right to delete the offending comment this morning, but we were out of town all weekend and I never turned on a computer so I was unaware. If any of you were helped by the links left by anonymous in my comments, you are welcome. I have no idea why I am being spammed by those kinds of comments. The phone call to the man at my address was equally funny - I asked him if he was researching medications for this particular male problem on my computer. Boy was he pissed. Maybe because the conversation went like this.

Me: I have a question.

The man: what - in that tone that means he "knows" a fight is about to start.

Me: Do you have a need for long term erec*&%)? Are we having a problem that I haven't been made aware of?

The man: WTF?

Me: Is there some sweet young thing needing more from you?

The man: WTF?

Me: I've been spammed with adds for drugs to help with such problem. Though I would forward links if you need me to.

The man: WTF? Ah: No: Damn: Stammer --- stutter --- freak out.

Me: I'll take that as a you don't have a clue ---- Bye.

I know he is shaking his head and still wondering what this phone call was about.

"Poor ol' Charles" -- that would be one of the phrases to insert here. It has to be awful living with me at times.

Now for real stuff.

Spoons - for the Artist Market.
If there is frost on the grass, it is too cold for softball. Each afternoon was stunning though. Two days of watching girls do skills drills for college coaches. Sorry - this was boring for mom. Dad enjoyed it.

I did however really enjoy the few minutes we spent listening to this gentleman, Bill Lightle, read from his book Mill Daddy: The Life and Times of Roy Davis. We happened upon an authors show in the park in Dahlonega, GA on Saturday and sat and listened to Bill read from his book and give additional anecdotes about the book. The Man was bored to death with this little show, but since I was being drug to this sleepy mountain town against my will for the weekend, I played the "you are gonna do this" card and so we listened. You can insert "poor ol' Charles" here too.

I also bought 1 tiny bag of buttons ($4.00 total) and passed up one item I really, really wanted (still do). The antique store we were in had a pharmacy spindle full of old prescriptions. I didn't have $100.00 to spend on papers to look at, so I passed, but only after returning several times to the booth to drool.

Got in a little exercise (walking) and worked hard to eat right. I have managed to lose those few pounds that I had put back on.

I can't believe that we are searching for the right fit on a college for my baby. Seems like just yesterday she was keeping us up all night as a baby. Now she is driving herself and getting ready to leave my nest. Where did all those years go?

Have a wonderful day.

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