Monday, November 23, 2009

Easy Beaded Ornaments (and stuff)

Good Monday Morning.

I love these shoes. Gorgeous floral pumps. I never wear them but I adore them. Now that the legs are becoming much more toned, gonna wear them some more. There! I also love patterned stockings/tights. More of that too. Saw a lovely pair of openwork lace tights worn over some bright bright purple ones -- yup --- gonna go there.

Picture from this weekend. Makes me happy. Look how the light filters through this leaf. Technically this was a challenge. I was lying on the ground looking through this leaf to take this picture. Yes, people around me thought I was nuts. But I personally love this picture completely untouched.

Again gather your supplies. Because I thrift / upcycle / buy on sale, there is always stuff around for me to work with. What you need is super easy and inexpensive in this case.
Plastic beads (I used faceted balls)
Pipe cleaners (I used sparkly ones)
Sequins (optional)
Scissors (not the good ones, you are cutting off the wire ends)

I grabbed my beads. In this case the bead jar. This 2 quart pickle jar (high tech storage) has the end lots of beaded dress trims, ribbon bits, and loose beads. I grabbed a gallon zip lock bag of this mixture at a monthly mill sale.
Poured out on an egg platter. High tech work vessel again. Poking through this to find my beads makes me incredibly happy.

Grab a pipe cleaner and start threading beads on it. Easy enough.

To finish the ornament. Simply bend into shape. Twist the pipe cleaner ends together to hold and.......
Voila - I added a bow bent from a short piece of pipe cleaner to this wreath. Green beads - green pipe cleaner.

Clear beads - gold sequins - gold pipe cleaner.

Various red beads - red pipe cleaner.

Great ornaments - or package tie ons. Use pony beads and even little ones can do this.
I am already having a great holiday season. Hope you are too.

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