Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I giggled

The button fairies are all finished. Waiting for new homes (I hope) in a couple of weeks.

I LOVE MAKING THESE. I have enjoyed these from the very first one I made. Some of these are from handpainted scraps that I still have from Elizabeth Prata. Elizabeth cleaned out some her stuff a year or so ago. I took a chunk of it to the church. Gave some to Project Safe for kids to use. But kept some of the handpainted paper scraps.

Sizzix die cutter and a Spellbinders butterfly die form the wings. Buttons, beads, and wire for the bodies. (God I love playing in my button stash)

And this sweet fairy face, stamped on card stock and glued to a floral marble.

Oh and about the title of this post.
I knew exactly how I wanted to display these. On a branch. Been thinking about exactly what I wanted for weeks. I even saved a branch from the recent trimming The Man at my Address did.
Last night I headed to the studio. Covered a board with spray adhesive and paper. Wired on a branch.
Hung those fairies by little copper hooks that I made just for this purpose.
And I stepped back and

I giggled. That slightly out of kilter giggle of a giddy teenager falling in love. Where the entire world is revolving around you that very moment and you just know everything is right in the world. Yep ----- I giggled.
There may not be one other person on the face of the earth that loves this, but I am happy as all get out. By the way the fairies will be sold individually at the Artist Market on Novemebr 14. Two weeks folks and all this stuff about inventory will be over. Then you can giggle cause you won't have to hear (read) it anymore.
I have a beautiful life.


ellen said...

they are so sweet and lovely.

Julie Ann said...

Those are SOO cute!!! I love how you're going to display them on the branch :)

Jennifer Paganelli said...

very cute!!