Thursday, November 12, 2009


An answer for Marti --- I found out about this bootcamp workout from a friend who invited me. There are groups all over the area who meet at different times. I do not know if this is true other places, but I would ask around.

MaggieGrace goodness. Here are all of the spoon collages. You have seen some of these already. I am pricing them today so I had them all together.

Oops thats a button stack pendant with this one.

The bronzed cross one on the top left above is my favorite. The botanical one on the bottom right is a pressed flower that was imbedded in tissue paper. I didn't make the paper. But I do love how it almost becomes transparent with the glue.

The top right one above has an almost secret message. Same thing as the botanicals (the paper becomes almost transparent) but this says "yes i can". I had someone in mind when I made it. If she comes by, I am almost positive this will go home with her.

The one in the middle bottom has my life phrase on it.

I read Marti's post answering questions this morning. I recognize myself there. Not just the weight loss part, the twisted sense of humour. Scary thing sometimes. For those of you who know me in the real world you know that about me.

I called local best friend with this one this morning.

Do you ever wonder if the dollar bills in your wallet have ever been in a stripper's butt crack? Now you will.

Sorry folks -- its my facebook status right now too.

Have a wonderful day.


Marti @ The Next Fifty Years said...

Thanks, I'll look around for a boot camp or something in my area.

I love the spoons, especially the one with the key & lock. So mysterious. Do you bend the spoon handle back so you can run a chain through it? Those should do really well.

Tipper said...

I love your sense of humor-and I love the spoons too :)