Thursday, November 05, 2009

Linky Love ........

I had no idea what I was going to post today. Not feeling the crafty, mostly because i was gluing scallopped circles onto stir sticks last night until almost midnight. The guys at work wanted to know if tequila was involved - NOT. Matching those scallops requires a little more control than tequila allows.

Anyway - I was cruising my google reader and wound up here. Bob had a new post. Who's Bob one might ask. Well, he's her boyfriend. She introduced him a few weeks ago at her place and of course all us followers ran over there to see who, what, you know, all that.

Well, he reviews wine (focused on Oregon Wines). He gives recipes and food prep ideas in laymens terms that I can understand and apply. And look at the picture above - taken from his blog with permission. He has a sense of humour that I can really appreciate.

I am in Georgia - he is in Oregon. I adore Pinot Noir. Have a hard time finding Oregon wine here. I left a comment on my first visit - and he immediately responded with an email.

Tracy has made herself quite a catch if you ask me.

This chicken recipe was the first I tried. Yup - ya'll need to go there. Ya'll need to try these foods. Visit with him. You will enjoy yourself.
I'll soon be trying Brussels Sprouts and Chipotle Sweet potatos courtesy of my new found cyber friend.
Take off over to The Duck Juice Chronicles. You will be really glad you did.
Have a wonderful day.


Bobaganoush said...

Thanks for the kind words, Teresa. Serve them sprouts and sweet 'taters with some swine, y'all (in my best Paula Deen voice). Don't forget to to deep fry you some brownies, either.

Karen Junking in Georgia said...

Atlanta has some great places to get wine.. email me when you are headed up here.. and I will tell you where to get some ........

Anonymous said...
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