Friday, November 13, 2009

one tequila, two tequila.........

Last night I knew where all my little chickies were. Nobody was out driving, so mom mixed a drink (or two - or three) and headed to MaggieGraceWorld. I had cut all my glass squares for soldered charms and had a plan.

I made little collages - gathered bits and bobs - matched them up and trimmed down to the right size. All the while - margaritas - with salt and olives were being consumed.

Guess what ---- matching glass pieces and evenly wrapping them with copper tape is not an activity that matches well with tequila.

I ended up saying a few 4 letter words and packing a box to take to work with me.

This is the work box sitting on my desk and between phone calls and customers I am taping these charms. I'll solder them tonite for the art market tomorrow -- talk about last minute. Good thing I perform well under pressure.

I also had a few tiny vials from somewhere. Swap maybe?

I typed words using an oldfashioned typewriter onto mulberry paper (some of these were used on spoons too.) Then I used 3d glass effect in clear to adhere the words to the inside of the vials. The trick involved toothpicks.

Add glitter. Okay that task was challenging with the tequila influence too. There were giggles involved and I slept with sparkles on my face.

Recork the little vials. Krazy Glue holds the corks in. These will be soldered too. Tonite - without alcohol.

Tomorrow is the art show. I have no where near what I originally listed as my plan. I have plenty to sell. Then afterwards - I will rest.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone --- see you monday.


Carrie said...

Tipsy crafting, what fun! I can't wait to see you tomorrow.


Marti said...

Good luck at the show! I hope you knock their socks off, with or without the tequila bottle.

ellen said...

Hope the show is fantastic and that you have a wonderful weekend.
It will be quiet around here..just me and the dogs, but I am looking forward to it. Best to you and with love, e.

Angela said...

Teresa-that is hysterical..kinda scary though-hot iron and tequila, yikes. I wish you the best of luck with your show!

I Am Very Mary said...

Can't wait to hear the verdict!