Monday, December 28, 2009

Atkinson Christmas

We are a wide open bunch. Laughter. Inside jokes. Picking on one another. It's all there. Wine -- food -- celebration. Gifts were virtually non existant. We did all get some of Grandmother's jellies. Yummy. It was really about being together. A wonderful CHRISTmas gathering.

Maddie -- Alli -- the back of Laura's head. (I LOVE Alli's short hair.) Yes there was an abundance of alcohol.

Sam -- Molly -- Abby

Brook (her hubby is one of our servicemen - Kevin Lucas is serving in Afghanistan)

My lovely Mother in Law Ann and the Man at my Address. Yes he looks like his mama.

There was a party going on in here... leading to this.......

Poor Granddaddy - I am quite sure he just wishes we would all calm down.
I'm composing my year end post. See you guys tomorrow.

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