Monday, December 07, 2009

Walking to Bethlehem

A massive production. Two nights. Friday from 3pm til 9:45 pm I managed to walk 10 miles over the hillside that is Jones Chapel UMC. Check the back drive -- check the front drive -- check the scouts helping with parking at the ballfield -- set out luminaria -- relight lumniaria -- hot tea to the angels on scaffolding at the shepherds -- this lady needs a golf cart to transport her through -- you got the picture.

Saturday night found us changing parking a little - easing the walking. However, the wind gave us fits with those luminaria bags. Blowing them over and causing them to go up in flames. It was an uphill battle continually. Unbelievably difficult task. It also was COLD on Saturday night, Forcing Mary (Heidi) to bring Jesus (Adam) inside to warm him up.

I missed a workout on Thursday night, but I really made up for it over the weekend.

Above and beyond all of what I just said -- Becky Brasswell organized and pulled off an incredible production of A Walk to Bethlehem and blessed me and so many others.

Some wonderful moments

Addie (a toddler) squealing "why my papa go on a queen's outfit". (Papa was one of our wise men.)

Carley (another toddler) -- "mama, that angel looks like Aunt CortCort." (It was Aunt CortCort. )

Addie again -- "Miss Teresa, I saw baby Jesus and he was REEEE-AL." (It is the south and all words have at least two syllables.)

Joseph (Donald) repeatedly saying "that'll do" to the innkeeper when told they could use the stable.

More than one person came because they could see the Angels up on the scaffolding from the road.

Kaylee (8 years old) kneeling in awe at the stable, when the shepherds kneeled before the manger.

Multiple kids playing with their little nativity sets that were given to each family.

The Soldier (Tony - our pastor's husband) greeting attendees with "welcome to Bethlehem, please sign here, we are taking a census" - this allowed us to have an accurate attendance number.

Tons of helpers - shopkeepers, support people, an unbelievable blessing filled weekend.

Thank you Jones Chapel for allowing me to be a part of the weekend.

I snatched this off the church site --

He came. In the middle of the night. His first bed, the feed trough that the animals used. How fitting that the Bread of Life begin His life in a feeding vessel.

Merry Christmas --- Have a wonderful day.

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