Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Omer Nash was not my Grandfather, but he was my Nanny's "friend" and the closest thing to a Grandfather I ever had. He was always there. Visited my Nanny almost everyday. I never knew the particulars of that friendship, but it really doesn't matter. He loved us like we were his own grandchildren. He bought this tricycle for me. Wonder how many miles I rode on this thing? He also bought a little red rocker that I still have. I also still have that snowsuit I have on in this picture. Both of my girls wore it. Memories.

The house in the background was Peggy's. She was a single mother and had the only dog I have ever been afraid of, a chihuahua named, Penny. Had to be the meanest dog I ever met. I was terrified to go out there and my nanny would send her a plate on Sunday after lunch and I had to take it. Memories.

A wedding. I was the flower girl for my Aunt and Uncle's wedding. Handmade satin dress and veil. I remember feeling so grown up dressed like this. Mom still has the dress and veil. The gloves are long gone. Memories.
This super blurry image was scanned from an old "peel off" polaroid camera picture. A Christmas morning picture. Seems Santa was encouraging domestic bliss with an ironing board and iron set. Sorry Santa those lessons didn't take -- My idea of ironing today is "toss it in the dryer with a wet towel." My children also have this philosophy -- although college girl has recently learned to iron. Memories.

The MaggieGrace blog is all about me. It is a collection of family stories. School, community, church, work, and creative endeavors. A digital online collective that my family, friends, customers, strangers read. I am glad my children will have these stories and not just pictures in a book. A record so to speak. Written from my perspective. I have been reading back through this years entries - preparing to write a year end synopsis - and I am happy that I recorded things as they happened. I know that some of this is incredibly boring for those coming for MaggieGrace goodies, but I really like having everything in one place.

For those of you who keep coming back, thank you. I appreciate each comment, each email, each response.

Tomorrow, if everything works out, I will have another quick and easy tutorial for those of you looking for goodies.

Now, because she is a huge (and growing) part of out lives, pictures of that puppy who was estimated to stay a small dog. WRONG.....
Hmmmm....... what's my daddy doing in the kitchen? (granny blanket crocheted by my mom - Naomi)

Darn - he wasn't fixing anything for me.

Look at that sad face. Just so you guys know - this is one very spoiled dog. She knows it too.

Ya'll have a wonderful day. Please find a way to share memories with your family. Someday those memories will be your only connection.

Merry Christmas.

PS - I ran 3 laps last night without stopping --- yes!!!!!! Still holding at 32 pounds of weight lost. Gonna have to do something dramatic with my eating to get those last 30 pounds, but that's gonna wait until after Christmas and New Years.

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