Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Notes......

One day he will learn. He being the Man at my Address. We went to the tree farm early Saturday, pulled up the hill, parked, I pointed and said "there's one".

Well after an hour of trekking around and looking -- we cut that very first one I pointed at.

He cut. I dragged it out of the lot to the truck and loaded it. Yes - I can tell a huge difference in my strength this year over last year.

Laying here - it looks kinda scraggly, but it isn't. I am very happy with it.

But bringing that baby in means that I had to deal with ..........
Lights. Damn. Gotta be a better way. He puts the tree in the stand and brings it in. He even strings the lights.

Me --- I fight with the untangling and bulb checking and replacing. (sorry - blogger will not let me change this orientation) I think I got the worst of this one. But it has been the job breakdown for many many years.
Poor little tree - is sitting there with just it's white lights. College girl will be home this week to help decorate. Telling the ornament stories is too important to start without her. There will be lots of that fun starting tonight.

So we wait.......

How sweet is this picture? Poca and Daddy.

Then she makes it over to Mom's chair. I always wanted a lap dog, but a 50 pound lap dog is a little too much for the recliner.

Mom also spent time in the studio this weekend. A custom charm order.

Love the JOY one myself.

Someone will recognize the PLAY one -- The little metallic dots are for a not so little one who's name starts with "C" (the other side has the "C" on it)

And this vintage paper one -- one side says "beautiful" ---- the other side of this one says "brave".

Boot camp tonight. Then studio time covering a couple of composition books (another custom order). I also have a product review and tutorial to make and photograph. After that we will add the first of many boxes of ornaments to the tree.

Have a fabulous day.....

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