Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 the year winds down

Navajo prayer
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The picture is from my flickr page. It is one of the pages from my friend Becky's book of encouragment.

As the year ends, I always go back through my posts and grab a few that strike me as worthy of revisiting. I am not doing the links here on the dates. Why - you ask? Most of this is for me to have all this together. You are more than welcome to go back and read in detail. I am adding the post dates to make this fairly easy to find in the archives.


I made MaggieGraceCreates a priority. To make my "alter ego" more publicly visable.

Finished my first crocheted garment ( Jan 6th)


I had my oldest child throw me a curve ball in life. (Feb 16th)

A lovely little one joined her family. (Feb 5th)

The blonde Softball Princess became a redhead (Feb 9th)


I celebrated an old couple I did not know. (March 24th)

A snowstorm shut the area down. (March 3rd)


Prepared to attend my fir art workshop ever. (April 27th)


Attended that first art workshop (May 18th)


Started on the path to regaining my health (June 23rd)


Committed to participate in my first Art Market (July 24th)

Started the overhaul of the old homeplace (July 20th)

Softball Princess turned 16 (July 9th)

My sister lost her mind. (July 6th)

Celebrated my 44th birthday. (July 14th)


College girl celebrated turning 19 (August 17th)

Added a four legged critter to the family (August 13th)


Publicity for MaggieGrace (Sept 25th)

Made what seemed like 100's of altered composition books

Softball Princess increased my stress level quite a bit by hitting the road on her own (Sept 15th)


Exhibited my first piece in a gallery show (Oct 21st)

The man at my Address celebrated his 53rd birthday (Oct 16th)

Some very good friends lost their child (Oct 14th)


MaggieGraceCreates was featured in a local paper (Nov 30)

The Art Market was a huge success (Nov 16th)


I received my best Christmas gift ever (Dec 16th)

Posted a clipboard tutorial that has resulted in more publicity (Dec 10th)


And here we are reflecting on the past year and looking at fresh calendar pages. Again a year of laughter and tears, successes and frustrations, pain and elation. A year for Family and friends. I can see in looking back that our life is so very blessed, but that we have had many trials to contend with. I am choosing to focus on the blessings and learn from the tests.

My focus on making MaggieGraceCreates a more public identity has been successful. My health has improved dramatically. I have conquered many fears and taken many first steps.

2010 promises even more growth.

I'll be posting goals for the New Year in the next few days. No resolutions for me.

Have a wonderful day.

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