Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Paper Snowflakes

Having teenage girls is a test of endurance. It is also a detriment to your sanity. Being a realist mother and parenting your children from that standpoint will cause others to raise their eyebrows. I talk to my children in terms that many parents won't. I use words and language they understand - I always have and I always will. I am bluntly honest with them about most things. There is no dancing around difficult subjects between me and my girls. Dad on the other hand, is freaked out often.

Take last night's cell conversation with the 16 year old Softball Princess. (background info - she had to be at the Board of Education meeting for a special academic recognition at 6:45)

My cell phone rings as Dad and I are headed home from work.

SP: I'm heading to Moore's before the thingy.
ME: That boy working there tonight.
SP: Yes (long pause)
ME: You gonna kiss that boy before you leave him.
SP: NOOOOOO - not in public -- that's trashy.
ME: So you will do that in private - huh.
SP: As long as it won't be considered trashy.
ME: (long pause) Just so you know, jumping in the back seat of the car to have sex is trashy too.
SP: OMG ---- MOM ---- Click

Sideways glance from Dad --- OMG you did not just say that to her.

Oh yes I did.

Now for the tutorial I promised. Check this out.

Looks complicated - ladies this is gorgeous and I am going to make several more. I made this one using book pages. But you could use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. SO SO SO SIMPLE. I PROMISE. It is the tutorial for the day, but it is not mine. I made it using the instuctions at this link.

So get your paper, glue, and scissors. Head over there and make a snowstorm of your own.

Have a wonderful day.

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