Thursday, December 10, 2009

I did not know........

....that chocolate covered cardboard had any protein in it. You know how sometimes you unwrap a cough drop and the paper kinda sticks to it, and you wind up with little paper bits in your mouth, well at least with these the chocolate chips hide the little fibers. Not really.

I've lost 35 pounds - managed to get my running laps up to 3 with out having to start walking and this is the very first (and last) of these I have tasted. Counting my blessings there are only 6 in the box and that I had a coupon. At least I'm only wasting a couple of dollars.

Hell the goats in the pasture behind the store won't even eat these.

Hey FTC People --- This little review was not solicited in anyway by anyone. It was provided by me as a true publice service announcement.

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