Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

Wow. The true end of the year. A wonderful new calendar awaits us. Mine is no longer blank. It is marked with birthdays and anniversaries. Workouts are already on there. Even a MaggieGrace item or two are there. There are notes about bills to pay. And even a note about moving College Girl from one dorm to another. Still - a year of promise lies ahead.

We don't do resolutions. Besides - I am already participating in the traditional classic one - eat right and exercise. So no need for that one.

What I do try and do each year is set a focus. 2009 was to make MaggieGrace more public. I have spent the last several weeks pondering what my focus would be.

Here we go ----

THE INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR OF OUR HOUSE WILL BE PRIMARY. Softball Princess has been wanting to redo her room for a while. She actually got Home Depot gift cards from Santa to apply in that direction. So her room will be the first priority. There will be paint and spit shining all through the house. I have a ton of goodies tucked into the barn to be reahbbed into our living arangement.

TAKE MAGGIEGRACECREATES TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Lay terms here. Try and make more money from MaggieGrace goodies than I spend. Profit. Sounds really good to the man at my address.

Two focus statements that are oh so broad, but hold so much promise. I am excited about both of them.

How about you? What are you choosing for the New Year?

What ever it is - I bid you a safe and happy season.


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