Thursday, May 06, 2010

All about the shoes..........

Several things occurred in my temporary Kidney Cancer Vacation. One of which was prom. Softball Princess first prom - College Girl's 3rd. College Girl is dating a young man who is still in High School.

There will be more posts about prom to come, but this one is just about a fun little detail.

College Girl's bare tootsies. Standing in the covered bridge at Watson Mill Bridge State Park. Take note she is dead on 6 feet tall in this format.

She is barefooted because strolling out on a covered bridge in these was not exactly comfy or safe. Add 5 inch heels to a 6 foot tall girl and she is imposing. But that's her - prissy and frou frou and very feminine in her attire.

Softball Princess - is beautiful too. But some what more practical in her attire and lifestyle. She's a serious athlete and you can tell that by looking at her. But prom night she was stunning. Every girl deserves to feel and look like a princess on those special occasions. Again more of that in the next few days.

When we bought the dress, we bought the very first one she tried on. I knew it too. The smile on her face told the entire story. It fit and it made her feel great. She came to me later to ask about shoes. She knew what she wanted but wanted me to be okay with it. Her choice.......

Yup - converse sneakers. Bright shiny white canvas, with a really pretty black and silver print on the flap. The barefoot boy also sacrificed and wore the traditional white loafers with his tux.

So there you got it. A portrait of my girls' personalities summed up perfectly in one shot. I love this picture. How about you guys????

This last one is an oops - that I love too. College Girl and Sam walking out of the bridge. I love the silhouette effect this one has. (yes Jennifer you can snag it.) Notice - she is still carrying those sandals.
More to come as I slowly catch up.
Have a wonderful day.

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