Thursday, May 20, 2010


I was confined to the house for way too many days. Go ahead, feel sorry for The Man at My Address, I do. I would not mind being home like that if I had been able to DO things. And I did discover many things that I would love to do.

But this post is not about that. This post is about tiny things that make my house the home it is for all of us. These are things I noticed.

There is a loose brick in the floor in the living room. It used to bother me, then I noticed that it is where we all stand to say goodnight. It is right where we stop to let the others know that we will be in the back part of the house. I'll always be able to see my girls - stop right there and talk to us.

My kitchen screen door sticks - it's an old fashioned wooden screen door. You have to hit it just right or the top or bottom corner will stick. But it also is the most used door in my house. Family, friends, even the cute UPS guy, uses this door. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I am going to make the front door inviting. Not so worried about that any more. Gonna pretty up the entrance that really gets used.

We have one bathroom, and the mirror is always marked up. Toothpaste spatters, water spots, you know. But that mirror is also our message board. Since we all used the same bathroom, I keep dry erase markers in there and we leave notes to ourselves and one another. When I came home from the hospital - I found a note that said - "glad you are home" - written there. The fun part is that many of our friends also leave notes on the same mirror. I really think that is way cool.

There are clothes draped thru the house - I know - laundry should be put away. But guess what - I didn't wash any of those clothes, The Man did. He also dried them and separated them. His are on the dryer - Softball Girl's are on the video stand - mine are on the daybed. We do occasionally get a bra or pair of cute little panties in the wrong place, but that's because Daddy really don't wanna think about his girls wearing those things. That is an unselfish act of service on his part - I appreciate it too.

The rose at the porch corner - needs a trellis to climb on - but it came from the yard where I grew up. There are crepe myrtle trees at the driveway end - they came from the yard where the man grew up. A really pretty little red maple tree reminds us of Mama Norvan - the mans grandmother. My yards are not lush - I have a black thumb, but those are important items in my yards.

I am glad to feel like this is my forever house. I do know this is HOME.

See details in your house - tell me about them.

Love and beauty surround us - look for it.

I have a beautiful life.

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