Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Catching up.....

I had surgery on April 16. I came home from the hospital on April 19. The next weekend was an art event I wanted to attend in Savannah. Needless to say, I did not get to attend.

But my blog buddy - JulieAnn did. We had planned for her to spend some time with me anyway after the event. The event was over on Sunday - she did not fly back until Tuesday. So phone calls were made - apologies raised for the house not being really ready for guests - and JulieAnn came to Comer GA - late on Sunday night - April 25. Yes I allowed a stranger into my house exactly 9 days after losing my left kidney.

Sunday night -late - the softball princess drove us to Athens and met JulieAnn, who then followed us to the middle of nowhere. If she was freaked about how far out we were, she did not let on.

Then on Monday, we spent the morning getting to know each other - JulieAnn is beautiful, smart, funny, and talented. She unpacked all her goodies and I got to live vicariously through all the pretties. Did I mention that the Poca Dog - loved her?

Monday midday - I decided to call my favorite junk haunt in my town - the Hardware Store. We love Steve and his wonderful wife Carol. I wanted to see if we could get upstairs. Think old fashioned store and antiques and stuff upstairs. I really think JulieAnn began to grasp just how small my town is, when Steve started asking about my surgery. But yes we could get upstairs.

So into town I went. Shh. Don't tell the docs. We poked around and explored. Gathered up stuff and to the checkout we went. Well some was not priced, but Steve just pulled a number out of the big blue sky and away we went.

Of course there were buttons and other goodies. I got us a bowl and we poked and picked and laughed and totally enjoyed ourselves. Oh. how much fun. I was so happy she decided to come on even if I was moving very slow and had to nap - a lot.

On Tuesday - we took her back to the interstate - but had some time to spare before she had to leave. This is another SHHHHHHHH story. The Man at my Address insisted that my mom go as a chaperone - to "watch me". Well we went to an antiques store and I found the captains treasure chest of mis-matched silverware. Keep in mind - I have a 12 inch incision that is 10 days old across my abdomen. I couldn't pick the basket up off the floor to go through them, so I did what any self- respecting junker would do. I eased myself to the floor and dumped said baskets out and proceeded to dig through them. My mom - you know the chaperone who was supposed to watch me - did just that. She watched me - mouth ajar - wordless - pale faced - thinking "oh shit" - get in the floor. I bought 12 pair of silver for bracelets for 15 dollars - 24 pieces of silver for 15 dollars - not too shabby.

This is JulieAnn my beautiful friend - she needs a job in research in the Athens area - so she can be closer. My mama loved her - my family loved her and would welcome her back any time. I just wish I had felt better - then we could do some serious junking.

One more note - JulieAnn cut me off some stunning trim. As she was packing thinks up, my mom asked her what she was going to do with her portion of that. Won my mama's heart when she answered - in true creative person style - "look at it". Come on ladies - we all know that answer is the right one don't we.

JulieAnn - please come again really really soon. Love ya.

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