Friday, May 21, 2010

She's home......

Okay this is family journaling -- skip on if you wish. Please come back again though.

Some 16 hours after she started home, College Girl was safely retrieved from Spain. She was tired (jet lag sux) and hungry (body clock screwed up) and needed a shower. Overslept before they left.

We were excited to see her. We failed to activate her international calling plan and since her cell package is in her name, could not do after she left, so it was a long week for all of us. Only one phone call the entire time.

Okay - it was her first plane flight. It was her first really "big" excursion. It was the experience of a lifetime. SHE HAD A BLAST.

Her impressions of Spain were mostly positive. (except for one Dance Club, that she described as "sketchy") The food. The culture. The landscape and architecture. The people. The lifestyle.

Daddy helped unload the luggage. Molly talked on the way home continually - bits I loved......
Savannah was my room mate. I didn't know her until this trip. We may be best friends.
Oh the colors. They love some bright colors.

Kale was the only boy - we took him everywhere - he was our "protection"

They eat at strange times -breakfast is around 9 or 10 - potato omlets mom you gotta learn how to make those.

The food - everything is so fresh. There were no great big stores like super walmart. And the markets were awesome.

We went out every night.

One bit I am no so sure I am excited about........

I would go back tomorrow.

Where would she go? Was there a favorite? Yup

She is ready to move to Toledo, Spain.

My little girl is growing up. Happened so fast. She is also now seriously considering an internship application in Amsterdam. The two of us have changed in the last several years. Happened gradually, like it is supposed to. While I will always be her Mom, the conversations going into this trip and as she has returned are sounding more like we will are becoming friends.

I'm liking this a lot.

I have a beautiful life. I have beautiful children. I am trying to embrace the wanderlust part of this one right now. Its hard, but I am so glad she wants to travel and experience things.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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