Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Glimpses of the return...

I am a blogger. Unfortunately I live in the middle of no where. Ask JulieAnn. My laptop has wireless capabilities, but we are still Dial up at the house. I do have several things to share with you from the last few. Now that I am back at work 1/2 days, let's catch up.

Bootcamp saved my life. Everyone - doc included - thinks that a drill we do pulling tires up and down the field via a strap around our waist, may has damaged the tumor and started the bleeding. The amount of blood I was passing was dangerously high (2 units of blood worth) and the CT scans revealed the cancer.

Remove Kidney was the only option and turns out give the best long term prognosis.

I have a twelve in incision across my upper abdomen. Only southern folks will understand this statement (Tipper this is for you). This bad boy itches like a twelve inch chigger bite. Julie Ann wanted to know what a chigger was. The incision cuts through my entire left side trunk muscle structure.

I am so much healthier now than this time last year. 50 pounds lighter and stronger. Been eating better and working out. I have been anxious for approval to return to work and return to exercise. I will not be letting that hard earned better health go wasted.

So being a blogger - I took the Man at my Address to bootcamp with me for my return. Hand him camera and tell him this needed to be documented. He really does not understand, but he did follow instructions.

Left to right Melissa (hiding in the back) Becky, Christie (fearless leader) Me (sporting a lovely white corset), Tanya Tonya Torrie (Tanya is her real name but nobody gets it correct), Jan, and Renee.

The ladies welcomed this poke along right back. This will be a very slow rehab process. I can walk all I want for a couple of weeks. Do some light warmup and stretching and a tiny bit of leg work. I could be up to 6 months before I can do any ab work.

My first outing was two measly laps - then I had to go home and nap.

Because we blog everything - here is a back side view. I have 30 more pounds to lose.

Last night - I walked over a mile and did two 1 minute wall sits. I also did a few step ups on a short retaining wall. It was still a better night than the first night I went last year. My first mile time was 24 minutes and I thought I might die. Last night was 17 minutes and I probably could have done better than that.

Exercise saved my life - in many ways. It feels really good to be moving again.

Today's half day of work has been exhausting. There will be a nap in my afternoon.

Love ya'll - more catch up tomorrow.

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