Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello there ---

Picture is a scan of a vintage card front. Grab it if you wish. Put please give credit if you do.

Good morning. Super spy top secret project work continues. So another posting without MaggieGrace goodness. But she is back and she is being very inspired and productive.

I said on my facebook last night that I am different now. Some people are worried about that. Let me clear up some things. I ain't depressed. Actually far from it. I feel blessed and fortunate and very happy. I just find myself having low tolerance for petty bull shit stuff. College Girl and I went to eat yesterday - IHOP - mmmmm. We were well after 'normal" lunch hours getting there. Staff is at a minumum at this time and they are focused on getting ready for the dinner hours, I know this from being a waitress in my younger days. A few late eaters were scattered through the dining area, one waitress was serving the entire area, and service was a little slow. The people at the table next to us complained for the entire time we were there - it grated on my nerves to the nth degree. Not the slower service - I understood that - but the whining about it. I am fighting myself constantly to keep from saying what I really think to those kind of folks.

Today is not the kind of day to be around that - all my censor circuits and filters seem to be shut down. Some sort of "malfunction" that would find me telling said people something like this ...


Thats what I mean by different. The good news is that the maintenance crew (ie my facebook circle, my cyber buddies from blogland and some local peeps) is working on my malfunctioning circuitry.

Off the soapbox --- sorry.

Now for some linky linky loves.

College Girl - my oldest daughter - Molly. You guys know her thru this blog from my perspective. I think she is bright, witty, beautiful - on and on. But she is my daughter and I kinda am biased in my opinions. But yesterday she spent the morning at my office with me, getting my help (yup that is funny) on setting up her own blog. Now you can all form your own opinion of my daughter. I am going to ask (beg) for you guys to link over there and welcome her to blogland. She picked a cool blog title too.......

Not All Those who Wander Are Lost....

Another one. My loverly niece, Alli, is a soon to be graduate from SCAD. She's thinking on moving to the upper west coast after graduation - look out Jen. I think she will be very successful as a jewelry artist. She has her blog and has posted some new pieces. Go take a look over here... If any one wants to gift me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Emerson Piece.

Alli Hall

One last one. College Girl shared this with me yesterday. This young lady is not only a talented fashion designer, she does the softest most gorgeous pictures. Most def an eye candy site. Take off over here. That first picture of her on the BEACH post takes my breath away.

Esther - From the Sticks

There you go, some linky love. I promise, take the trips, they are well worth it.

Have a wonderful day.

I have a beautiful life.

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